Cafe Izmir was started by a family who loves food and knew a thing or two about restaurants. In 1978, the Nazarys moved to the Dallas area, but kept in touch with their roots.

Enjoying their mom’s home cooking regularly and the popularity of her food among friends sparked an idea among the family – with their restaurant expertise and this great food, why not start a restaurant? In 1996, they did exactly that.

The Greenville location of Cafe Izmir was established. Great Mediterranean food and a family atmosphere made this one of the best restaurants in Dallas! In 2015, the downtown location was added so even more people could enjoy the great food and good company.

Many people have been coming to Cafe Izmir for decades! They’ve known couples who visited on first dates that later started a family. And those kids grow up as part of the Cafe Izmir family!

The focus here is delicious Mediterranean food and creating a place that feels like home.

shrimp tapas
tenderloin tapas


At Cafe Izmir, community is important. Over the years, their involvement in the community has included partnerships with the North Texas Food Bank and EarthX. From donating food to serving it, Cafe Izmir knows how important it is to foster a sense of community outside the walls of the restaurant. With a location in downtown Dallas and in Greenville, their reach has extended to different parts of the city for a greater impact.